bench top before
bench top after

Professional Benchtop Repairs

The photographs show fairly typical heat damage from a hot pot before and after repair.

I have been making repairs like this for more than 9 years with a high success and acceptance rate – mostly for the insurance industry. Prior to that time I spent more than 10 years making laminate benchtops,so I have a good grounding in this industry.

Obviously my repairs represent a huge cost saving over replacement. They are durable, barely detectable, and waterproof. I can repair burns, cuts and gouges, and cracks in the upstand coving. I also repair tradesman damage such as holes drilled in the wrong place, screws coming through the top etc. Due to lighting, severity, and colour/pattern, some damage cannot be repaired without the repair remaining visible or obvious. I am happy to advise the best course of action at the scene.

I currently operate from New Plymouth down to Wellington.

If you have any repairs you would like me to look at, please contact me.

Steve Hall