“Notes” 340mm x 270mm

“Wuzhen” 400mm x 280mm

“Egmont” 550mm x 380mm

“1907” 550mm x 380mm

“Mohakatino” 550mm x 380mm

Evocative Watercolours

All of these watercolours are in private collections. I am kept busy with commissions, and do not currently have any works for sale on-line.
If you would like to commission a painting, please contact me.

“Heading Home” 580mm x 335mm

“Favourite Spot” 400mm x 280mm

“Onions” 250mm x 160mm

“Qing Tomb” 400mm x 280mm

“Hong Cun” 400mm x 280mm

“Rocky III” 550mm x 380mm