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Laminate Artwork

“Deckchairs” was my first laminate artwork. Here you see it hanging above a doorway where it was first exhibited in a laminate fabricator’s competition. (Apparently above the door was the only place they could find to hang it at the venue, and less than ideal…) The work didn’t win a prize, but it did sometime later attract the attention of the owner of a laminate factory in Israel. He purchased the work and it now resides there in their head office.
It has been made by cutting and fitting thousands of pieces of high pressure (benchtop) laminate onto a board. The vast array of colours and patterns available make for a huge pallette of both hue and texture.

“The Big Boat” was commissioned for the head office of a company that imports laminate into New Zealand – the laminate made by the factory that has the “Deckchairs” piece.
This was a more challenging work because there are mostly curved edges to fit together, as opposed to mostly straight edges in the one above.
The work depicts one of New Zealand’s “America’s Cup” yachts.

If you would like to commission a laminate artwork, please contact me with your concept, and I will get back to you with a price.